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The Most Controversial and Awesome Halloween Costumes for 2015

Sparking some controversy is just way too much fun to avoid doing, but sometimes it's still a little risky to do on just any ole' regular day. However, with Halloween right around the corner, there is no better time for you to make a controversial statement or to just make a funny joke than with some of the most shocking costume ideas you could ever imagine. Prepare to make some enemies with these Halloween costume ideas, but prepared to earn just as much respect for wearing and doing what you want to do. There are way too many people that get all uptight about things, and those kinds of people certainly won't see the humor in these funny costume ideas, but everyone else will - anyone that is awesome, that is.



Cecil The Lion Killer

Ouch! This controversial Halloween costume may have PETA showing up at your front door, but you'll be out partying so it doesn't matter anyway. While no one is fond of what happened to Cecil the Lion, it has definitely been one of the most talked about stories in the media, and this costume idea is certainly going to have your costume being talked about and trending for just as long. Vegetarians and Vegans celebrating Halloween where you are might attack you, but other then that, this controversial Halloween costume will probably just drop jaws and totally floor everyone else.


Cecil's Revenge

So the previous Halloween costume idea is too crass for you, but you love the idea. Well, as always, Costumeish has a slightly less offensive and a more socially acceptable costume that you can wear that still pertains to the late Cecil. The Cecil's Revenge Dentist Killer Costume is just awesome. If you want to make more friends than enemies this Halloween, then this is a costume idea for 2015 that is still going to turn heads and be the talk of the party, but that isn't so completely outrageous and offensive.



2015 Trend Costumes

Take over the media just like Mohammad did; the boy who built a clock that was mistaken for a bomb. It's a completely genius costume idea (literally) that gives praise to this little man who is certain to be the first man to land on Pluto one day. It's a creative Halloween idea that will definitely stand out. So, prepare to win the Best Halloween Costume 2015 at whatever event you’re attending this year. Just grab a clock and wear it like Flava Flav would. Alternatively, some other trends of 2015 that make awesome Halloween costumes that are a little less controversial include the Ice Bucket Challenge costume or an Illegal Alien Costume.


Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner. Bruce Jenner. We have to give it to her, Bruce looks amazing as a woman and you can look just as incredible and be just as big of a trend with the Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume that is available on Costumeish right now. Just throw on a long wig or even some high heels if you dare, and the message will be clear. The Caitlyn Jenner costume isn't offensive at all but is still controversial to many people out there. So channel your inner lady, Olympian or Caitlyn and be courageous this holiday.


Sexy Ebola

The Sexy Ebola costume is only offensive if you were handing out Ebola for Halloween instead of candy. However, it is certainly controversial and is definitely going to get people talking all about your Halloween costume this year. You can easily lessen the outrage by telling people that it isn't an Ebola costume, and that it is actually inspired by Breaking Bad, or just be super bad and bold and rock the Ebola costume. To each their own. There is also a male's costume for Ebola, so both men and women can take a controversial plunge this Halloween.


Halloween is all about making a statement, so forget about dressing like the typically sexy Police officer or Fireman this year, and raise some eyebrows with controversial Halloween costumes. You'll definitely be the talk of the party, club or event that you're attention for Halloween 2015.

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