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Make Jaws Drop With The Most Outrageous Costumes For 2015

Sexy, skanky, promiscuous, epic and awesome are often words associated with the kind of Halloween costumes that people want. However, there is always another batch of absolutely hilarious people that seek to find the most outrageous costume possible that is completely outrageous, and for those of you out there, Costumeish has you covered. We've come up with some of the most shocking costumes, funny costumes and even down right disturbing costumes to wear for Halloween 2015. So, brace yourself. These are not Halloween costume ideas for the mediocre, boring or basic. Those without a sense of humor should not proceed. You can’t say we didn’t warn you.



Bloody Tampon

Before you start squealing in disgust, people have been comically making fun of Aunt Flow for years, and Halloween is just another reason and the perfect time to make light of human nature's gross ways once again. This outrageous Halloween costume comes in both male and female versions, so everyone can rock the bloody tampon look. It may be a little crass to someone uptight, but your friends are sure to get a kick out of your costume choice... And maybe even some gags. Either way, it'll all be followed with a howl of laughter. The best part is that this costume idea was inspired by Donald Trump's remark about reporter Megyn having "blood coming out of her... wherever", equipped with a news anchor mic, and all!



Lady Boy

Anyone who has been backpacking overseas knows what a Lady Boy is, or worse, what a Lady Boy looks like. Hopefully, you don’t know what a Lady Boy feels like unless you’re talking about this costume idea. Now, before anyone gets all up in a huff over this outrageous costume idea that can easily be put together with some costume accessories found on Costumeish, it has very little to do with being offensive towards those transgender. Instead, Lady Boys are literally a trend over in Thailand, where men are basically the best looking women around. They're so sexy, you'd never know if you were crawling into bed with one. Well, that is until the genitalia pokes you. So, with that said, for those really wanting to turn some heads, the sexy slip dress and fake genitalia costume is basically perfect for you. It’s slightly offensive and highly hilarious. Now, the transgender Bruce Jenner costume is a whole new running track. 



The Salami or Pickle Man

Say no more, and just show everyone what your Halloween costume for 2015 is all about. The hilarious Deli Pickle Man Dirty Apron Costume and the Deli Salami Dirty Apron Costume  are certainly to make the ladies' jaws drop. No pun intended. Get your mind out of the gutter over there, and lift your apron to show off what you're selling on the night of Halloween... And every other night you can be found stumbling around bar hopping.


Blow Me

Yes, you read that right. Blow me. Now, don't throw your arms up in the air in complete disgust just yet. This outrageous Halloween costume idea is actually super innocent. It'll be everyone else that takes it the dirty way. Dress up as a tissue box, and whenever someone has a sniffle, ask them to blow you. Blow me. Blow you. Blow who? What does it matter? This costume idea for 2015 is just way too suggestive and outrageously awesome to pass up for the season that only comes around once a year.


Douche Bag

You'll never be so happy to be called a douche so many times in one night this Halloween. A douche costume is an awesome way to channel your alter ego or to simply emphasize that you really are exactly that, a douche. At the very least, you're dressed like one. So, it's time to get all douchey with such a douche costume. Although, the ladies might hate you… Or totally love you. It depends on the girl.


The Halloween holiday only comes around once a year, so you might as well dress as outrageous as you possibly can. It's the only time you can really get away with doing things such as being a bloody tampon, showing off your salami or asking people to blow you. Browse the endless collections of funny Halloween costumes at Costumeish right now.

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